Adding Movement to Your Lesson Plan… Seriously Easy

While studies have shown that involving students in learning and kinesthetic learning is are beneficial for students, many teachers are still hesitant.  Adding movement to your basic lesson plan is seriously easy. Check out this idea I whipped up in about .07 seconds: 
Subject: life cycle of a butterfly (egg, caterpillar, pupae, butterfly)
Target grade level: 1st grade
Elements of dance: Motion (axial and locomotor), Space (levels)
The children will demonstrate each of the stages of the cycle:
Egg– taking up small space and staying on the ground, controlling their bodies so that there is no movement.
            Caterpillar– staying low to the ground, move slowly around the room in a non-pedal way
Pupae– use an axial movement to “wrap up in a cocoon”. Then remain still so that you can be transformed into an adult butterfly.
Adult Butterfly– use axial movements to emerge from your cocoon, stretch your new wings, and then use a variety of locomotor movements and levels to fly away. 

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