Teaching Inflection & Voice

One aspect of good reading is inflection. Let’s face it – nobody wants to hear a robot read out loud to them. Selecting the right material is crucial in teaching young readers to read with inflection. This poem provides students the perfect chance to practice using emotion when they read. Try it, it’s fun…

At History I’m Hopeless (By Kenn Nesbitt)
 At history I’m hopeless.
At spelling I stink.
In music I’m useless.
From science I shrink.
At art I’m atrocious.
In sports I’m a klutz.
At reading I’m rotten.
And math makes me nuts.
At language I’m lousy.
Computers? I’m cursed.
In drama I’m dreadful.
My writing’s the worst.
There’s only one subject
I’m sure I would pass,
but they don’t teach
video games in my class.


1 thought on “Teaching Inflection & Voice

  1. This would be great to use with English Language Learners. Challenge them to use a variety of inflections to convey a range of emotions. Thanks for sharing this! MIchele @MyVirtualEnglish dot com.

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