Theory: Constructivist

I’ve been trying to review the basic theories of educational psychology and I found this about constructivism. It’s from a 1996 publication of Educational Leadership. The article is entitled What to Look For in a Classroom by Alfie Kohn.

Key Ideas
§         Ideal classroom environment is one that promotes deep understanding.
§         Excitement about learning and social/intellectual growth.
§         Students must play and activerole in the classroom management.
§         Teachers work with students rather than doing things to them.
§         Focus on students motives in order to develop positive attitudes.
§         Make sure your classroom is a “Learner-Centered” environment.
o                 Comfortable areas for working
o                 Cover walls with student work
o                 Have good teacher presence (create a safe environment)
o                 Inviting and open atmosphere
o                 Welcoming

Applications for Teaching
It is good to understand that teachers need to find a management style that works with each student. Work with the students to create that plan rather than order and discipline them. This will cause the classroom to become more effective and successful. Learner-Centered areas are important for classrooms to have so that students will feel sage and invited in working with the teacher.

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