Theory: Moderate

I was researching the Moderate theory, and came across a helpful website ( with an article entitled Practicing Love and Logic Can Mean Happier Schools. Here are some main ideas.

Key Ideas

§         9 essential skills for teachers
o                 Neutralize student arguing
o                 Delay consequence (If you are feeling emotional in the situation, wait to approach the student until the heat has passed)
o                 Feel Empathy with the students
o                 Recovery Process
o                 Have positive student/teacher relationships
o                 Set limits with enforceable statements
o                 Have choices and options available to limit power struggles
o                 Have quick preventative interventions
o                 Have the students work out their own problems
§         Share the control with the students.
§         Learn about the student’s interest and personality to determine management/discipline.
§         Have recovery areas (Like time-out areas)
§         Empathy first

Applications for Teaching
You can have the students involved in the choice/discipline. The more they are involved, the more they will follow through. Solves the problem together and builds the student/teacher relationships.


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