Parent-Teacher Conferences

As a teacher, it’s super important to communicate with parents. One of the most important communication experiences you will have with the families of your students is during parent-teacher conferences. Many of my students’ parents never visited the school’s website, or ever saw the announcements on the sign outside the school, so I wrote this letter to send home to inform the parents of my interest in meeting with them.  Although the school sent home mass letters telling about the parent-teacher conferences, I wanted the parents to know I was personally interested. Here’s a letter I sent home right before our school’s online scheduler opened. This saves me the headache of tracking down the parents who missed conferences because they didn’t know they were happening. Feel free to copy/paste it and modify it to fit your needs. As with all letters going home, check your principle’s guidelines before distributing.

Parent – Teacher Conferences
Hello Parents,
Parent-teacher conferences are coming up! Please sign up for a time using the online scheduler. You will see that available appointments are Monday through Thursday. These times are a little different than other teachers’ SEP schedules because I am getting married on the Friday after SEP’s (November 12). I have tried to schedule a variety of times to ensure that I can meet with every student and their parents/guardians. It is important to me to meet with every parent so we can together discuss each student’s goals, progress, etc. Thank you for your continued support!
(my name) 

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