Summer Birthdays

Some teachers celebrate birthdays in their classrooms. There are many different ways to celebrate birthdays that don’t fall during the school year. Here’s how I deal with birthdays as a an upper grade teacher:

I designate one day during the school year to celebrate summer birthdays. This past year, I chose the last day before Christmas break. The day was pretty much wasted anyway, since the kids can’t concentrate right before Christmas and they’re all distracted by the upcoming vacation. I told the students with summer birthdays that they could bring in a birthday treat and we would sing to all of them. So, a midst all the chaos of the holidays (we had a party in the afternoon), all the birthday kids brought out their treats to share and we sang to them. It was nice to combine it with the party because it was less distracting than celebrating summer birthdays on a day we were trying our best to be productive. The kids didn’t seem to notice it was combined with anything else, so they all felt special.


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