How To Download Awesome Fonts… For Free!

Technology can be intimidating sometimes. Most of the time, all you need to figure it out is for someone to give you simple, step by step directions. One of my teacher friends requested that I write up how to get free fonts for your computer, so I thought I’d share it with you. There are lots of places/ways to get free fonts to download, but here’s one way.

Lil’ Squarehead’s way:

  1. Make a temporary folder on your desktop called “fonts”. You can delete is when you’re done with this project.
  2. Go to
  3. Browse fonts and find one you like (or 2000 that you like). There are categories at the top that sort the different styles of fonts. I don’t know if the ones labeled “demo” work as well, I haven’t gotten all the kinks worked out with this yet…
  4. Once you’ve found the font you like, click the red “download” button to the right of the font you’ve chosen.
  5. Another window will probably pop up, asking you where you’d like your computer to save the font file. Choose your temporary font file on your desktop.
  6. Once it’s saved, it will be in a compressed zip folder. You’ll need to unzip it before you can install it
    1. Right click the file, click “extract all”
    2. Another window will pop up asking where you want to save it. Don’t change anything. Just click ok.
    3. This will create a duplicate file, but the new one will be unzipped so you can access the stuff inside.
    4. Delete the old compressed file (the one with the zipper on it).
  7. Now you have the new font downloaded in an unzipped, regular folder. Open the folder and you’ll see between 1-3 files. The one you want is a “Open True Type Font” file or a “True Type Font” file. Right click on this and click “install”. (Depending on your computer user profile settings, you might need to enter an administrator password).
  8. Now your file is installed in the computer in the place where all the fonts are stored (more technical than I’m gonna worry about).
  9. Once you’ve installed all the fonts you want, delete the files (remember they’re on the computer’s font list) and the temporary fonts folder on your desktop.
  10. Smile and enjoy your fonts!

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