Build-A-Word Literacy Center for lower grades (time-saving genius idea!)

Here’s an idea I got from a 2nd grade teacher. First, save this Microsoft Word file of letter/sound cards to your computer. Then read the directions below.

Click here to download the sound cards.

How To Use This Literacy Center 


  1. Build words with the letter cards. Each word mush use the sound of the week (the double sized-card).
  2. Make a “T –chart” of the words you make. (If there are 3 sounds of the week, make a T chart with 3 columns).


  1. Save this template to your computer, so you can use it each week.
  2. Each week, change the sounds on the double sized cards to match the sounds your class is studying that week.
  3. Run off the set on cardstock paper (1 set on a different color for each student who attends the center at any given time).
  4. Use a paper cutter to cut out multiple sheets of cards at once (until all cards are cut out).
  5. Label an envelope so you can reuse these cards next year (“oi/oy sounds – blue cards”). This way, the kids will always know which set is theirs (color), which sounds they need to focus on (double sized cards), and what envelope to put them in when they’re done.
  6. Smile because you’ve set up a literacy center that will only take a few minutes each week for the first year, and then will be ALL DONE for every year after that! J

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