Number Pattern Detectives

One of the most important math skills for younger grades is recognizing and working with number patterns. It’s a concept intertwined with skip counting, repeated addition, and a precursor to multiplication. Here’s a series worksheets that require pattern blocks (rhombus, triangle,¬†parallelogram, hexagon, square, etc.) to fill in a chart according to a number pattern. The 2nd grade class I did this with recently loved it! Students would work independently or in pairs as detectives to solve tasks and move up “detective levels.” When the student finished all the tasks, they became a “master detective” and were to then go help other detectives move up levels. This allowed for discovery, and individual pacing as the student needed. Try it and let me know what you think!

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Number Pattern Detective- level 1

Number Pattern Detective- level 2Number Pattern Detective- level 3 Number Pattern Detective- level 4


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