Do Your Students Know You’re Proud of Them?

I saw this cute idea in an elementary school classroom a few months ago. It’s super easy to make, and sends a great message to your kids.

  1. Buy a dollar store picture frame (8″ x 10″ is best)
  2. On a piece of cute, light color paper, write “I am proud because.” Add stickers, etc if you want. Cut the paper to 8″ x 10″ and put it in the frame.
  3. Use a ribbon attached to the hook on the back, attach the frame to your file cabinet or a nail on the wall.
  4. Write with a Visa-Vis pen (or other overhead marker) what makes you proud.
  5. Write a small note in your planner every few days to remind you to update the frame. In addition, you may want to attach a class list to the back of the frame so you can keep track of who you’ve featured on the frame and who you still need to acknowledge. P1030246

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