3 Websites Every Teacher Should Browse

3 websites to browseTeaching is much easier when you know where you can look for help. So this summer, spend a few minutes each day browsing teacher resource sites. Anything you see that you like should be bookmarked on your browser (make a folder called “teaching resources”), or written down in an organized way so you can find it later. Here are some websites to start with:

1. http://www.pbs.org/teachers/– Tons of stuff (including videos) for teachers

2. http://free.ed.gov/– Free teaching & learning resources from federal agencies

3. http://www.smithsonianeducation.org/educators/– Smithsonian… need I say more?

There. Those 3 links should lead you to enough discovery to last you a looong time! 😉  But if you’ve still got “extra” time, here’s a huge list to browse (collection of links posted by a fabulous home school mom): Huge list of links


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