Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Week 2013 will be October 6 – 10. Most teachers won’t be able to spend a lot of time discussing fire prevention, so the National Fire Prevention Association has made a few quick activities for you to use, that will actually support what you’re teaching in school. For example, the NFPA has a kitchen safety checklist you can discuss. Why not have your kids circle 10 nouns, highlight 10 verbs, etc. while you go over the sheet? Grammar practice!! And for lower grades, use the Stay Safe in the Kitchen story for some quick comprehension practice.

Click here to go to the Fire Prevention Week page.


2 thoughts on “Fire Prevention Week

  1. I always spend time talking about fire prevention in my classroom. One of my favorite activities is to have the children practice crawling low under smoke. I use a sheet for the smoke and place it on furniture (everything is low in my K/1 classroom). The children crawl under the “smoke” and test whether a door is warm or cool. Thanks for the new ideas. I look forward to reading more.

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