Even More Holiday Kids Crafts!

Yay for holiday crafts! Here are some good ones…

1. Paper Plate Santa
Paper Plate SantaCut out the center of a paper plate, attach cotton balls for a beard and construction paper for a hat. I love this Santa craft because your children get to be the face of Santa! (source)

2.  Q-Tip Snowman Painting

I hate cleaning paint brushes, so this craft project totally speaks to me. Paint everything by dabbing paint-dipped Q-tips. it makes super cute snowflakes! And when you’re done, just throw away the “brushes!” (source)

3. Thumb print string of lights

Using your sharpie, draw a string for your lights on your paper. Then have kids stamp their  thumb in different colors all along the light string and allow to dry. When it dries, draw a squiggly for the light bulb base with a permanent marker. (source)


1 thought on “Even More Holiday Kids Crafts!

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