Fun Group Game- "Rock, Paper, Scissors" Train

“Rock, Paper, Scissors” Train- Fun twist on the classic game. You could maybe incorporate probability into this game for upper grades (probability or winning 2 games in a row, etc). 
Each player finds a partner, and then each partnership plays “rock, paper, scissors” until one person wins two out of three games. The winner becomes the “engine” of a train, and the loser must join the train by placing his or her hands on the engine’s shoulders. The engine then plays “rock, paper, scissors” with another engine. The losers of that game must place their hands on the shoulders of the last person in the winning train.  This pattern continues until all participants are on the same train. The complete train then takes a victory lap by running in a small circle (staying in your area). This game is over quickly and may be played multiple times.

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