Push-Pin Christmas Activities

Push Pin Christmas activities1 STICKERDo you remember when you poked holes in a piece of paper to make an image when it’s held up to the light? Well that classic idea just got a make-over. I got these Christmas pages from a lower grade teacher and here’s what she said about it:

“I use these the whole month of December as a QUIET fast finisher. Kids get a pattern page and a piece of construction paper. They put the pattern on top and poke holes through both pages where the pattern directs. I have them sit on the floor and do it, because it’s way easier to poke holes through paper on carpet than at a wooden desk. Then the kids get to take home only the construction paper. We use the patterns a few times until they’re shot. It usually takes my 2nd graders a while to get through 1 page, so it’s great for those kids who finish everything fast. And who doesn’t want a little holiday cheer in their classroom?!”

Click here to download the Push Pin Christmas activities.

*Thanks to those who have submitted comments/ideas. If you have something to share, I’m all ears! 🙂


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