Winter Shape Fractions (Beginning Fractions)

Winter picture fractions STICKER

Ready to introduce fractions to your class? Then you’ll need lots of practice identifying the parts of a fraction (numerator and denominator). Well,then consider this freebie! This page asks students to shade in the numerator of the collection. Simple, I know, but it’s a building block in the process of being able to illustrate a complete fraction. Enjoy!

Click here for the free printable PDF: Winter Picture Fractions

Holiday Number Sequences Worksheet

Holiday Number Sequences STICKERCheck out my new Christmas/holiday number sequences worksheet for pre-K or kindergarten. The kids should write in the missing number from the sequence. No need for an answer key; all you need to do is count! And as always, it’s FREE! Merry Christmas!

Click here to download: Holiday Number Sequences – Reindeer

Squarehead Snowman: Preposition Practice 3

SQH Snowman- prepositions 3 STICKER

Here’s the last of my prepositions worksheets for this winter. Here’s the third grammar practice page focusing on prepositions. I used these for my ESL students. Click here for the free printable PDF: Snowman Prepositions 3 PDF

I may decide to use Squarehead Snowman in future worksheets. Any thoughts?

Squarehead Snowman: Prepositions Practice 2

SQH Snowman- prepositions 2 STICKER

Yesterday, I posted my first worksheet helping my ESL students with prepositions. Here’s my second free printable prepositions worksheet: Snowman Prepositions 2 PDF  Enjoy!

Squarehead Snowman: Prepositions Practice 1

SQH Snowman- prepositions 1 STICKER

I’ve decided I need to do more to help my ESL students. So decided to start with something simpler like prepositions. I made a total of 3 worksheets that help kids work on prepositions, and here’s the first.

Click here for the free printable PDF: Snowman Prepositions PDF

How Was Your Winter Break? (Report Writing Page)

Winter break report

Another break away from school means kids have a lot to tell you and their friends! Help them share their fun news with this free Winter Break report printable. It’s a quick, easy way to capture memories of their holidays while doing some writing! Win-win!

Click here for the free PDF: Winter Break Write Up

Basic Fraction Practice – Winter Worksheet

Winter Picture Worksheet STICKERWhat do you do to add some fun to your classroom after the holidays are over? It’s to early to bring Valentines into the picture, so what now? I say continue to use winter themed stuff. Because we can! Here’s my “picture fractions” worksheet for winter. Basically, it teaches kids to focus on what they have (numerator) compared to the whole collection (denominator). Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Click here for the free PDF: Winter Picture Fractions

Winter Art Projects for Kids

Winter provides an opportunity to see the world in a completely different way than the rest of the year. Help children capture the wonder of winter with winter-themed art projects! Here are some of my favorites:

Snowflake Art Trading Cards: Uses watercolor and salt (source).

Owls in the Night: Uses tempera paint and cardboard (source).

Winter Tree Silhouette: Uses masking tape and watercolor paint (source).