Squarehead Snowman: Preposition Practice 3

SQH Snowman- prepositions 3 STICKER

Here’s the last of my prepositions worksheets for this winter. Here’s the third grammar practice page focusing on prepositions. I used these for my ESL students. Click here for the free printable PDF: Snowman Prepositions 3 PDF

I may decide to use Squarehead Snowman in future worksheets. Any thoughts?

Snowman Adjectives Project

Younger grade classes (like the 2nd grade I was recently working with) need to constantly review the basic parts of speech. Here’s one activity the teacher and I drummed up to combine adjectives and winter themes.

Print out these PDFs and make copies for your class: page 1   page 2   page 3   page 4

1. Cut out the snowman and glue it to a large piece of constriction paper (12″ x 18″).
2. Glue on the adjectives graphic organizer
3. Write on the organizer any adjectives that describe the different parts of the snowman

Snowman adjectives project- 3 Snowman adjectives project- 4

For extended use with this project, write a story starring the snowman and analyse the story elements, write a character description, etc.