Awesome Field Day Ideas!

field day- Dr. SeussThese fabulous ideas were submitted by a fellow elementary school teacher. Love this idea! Thanks!

“Thursday was our field day.  It was unlike any other I had been to.  These games would be fun with youth at church groups and camps as well.  There were 18 stations we rotated through during the day.  Each teacher stayed with her own class and the classes rotated.  Most of the stations were relays or races with our kids divided into 6 teams.   The theme was Dr. Seuss books.  Each station was named after a book.  Here are some examples:

Horton Hears A Who– had kids run to pick up cotton balls (representing the dust speck of Whoville) with chop sticks (2 pencils) and run back. 

Yertle the Turtle– where kids sat on scooters and raced over to a pool that had green paper plate “turtles” in it.  They grabbed a turtle and scooted back to their own “pond” to stack the turtle.  Tallest pile of turtles won. 

Go Dog Go– 50 yard dash. 

Star Bellied Sneetches– tug of war. 

The Lorax – had two teams, one was the oncelers who were cutting down trees (knocking down plastic cones with their elbows) and the other team, the Loraxes who were putting them back up. 

If I Ran The Circus– had kids juggling scarves running 15 feet to little balance beam things to stand on and juggle while we applauded. 

        Two of the favorites were water activities. Both were to try to fill up a big can with water.  One of them had each team had a 2 inch PVC pipe that was 2 feet long.  There had been 6 holes drilled in it.  The object was for the 4 kids to run with the pipe to a tub of water, submerge the pipe, then carry it back and pour the water in the can.  They had to cover the ends and the holes with their hands.  Fun game.  The next water game was with a bucket of water at the front of the line.  The first kid had a big sponge and submersed it in the water.  Then he had to carry it over his head to the next kid, and then the 2nd kid carried it over his head to the 3rd kid etc.  The last kid had to wring out the sponge in the can. “


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