Holiday Crafts for Kids

December is my favorite month. By far. If’s full of the best holidays of the entire year! And there are so many cute kids crafts for Christmas, Hanukkah, and winter. Here are some of my favorites:


1. Melted Snowman

melted snowman craft 1 melted snowman craft 2
Santa Barbara Snowman: This activity was easy-peasy and made a neat and funny craft. Living in sunny Southern California, we don’t really have opportunities to make snowmen, so using a simple pre-printed sheet with the outline of a puddle and an overturned paper bowl the kids made their own melty, sunshine snowmen. They put the usual accessories on, with the exception of the sunglasses, and then wrote a sentence about where their snowman should move to or what happened to him. A lot of bang for the buck. (source)

2. Paper Plate Wreaths

paper plate wreaths


Cut the center out of the middle of a paper plate. Cut green construction paper into squares, and glue the first layer of green paper around the edge of the plate. Keep layering the green pieces and add some red small pieces for berries. Great preschool and kindergarten craft for the holidays! (source)
3. Popsicle Stick Menorah
Glue craft sticks to construction paper and make a cute and super easy Hanukkah craft for kids. Then spread glue above the craft sticks and sprinkle glitter to light the menorah. Love it! (source)

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