Holiday Crafts for Kids

December is my favorite month. By far. If’s full of the best holidays of the entire year! And there are so many cute kids crafts for Christmas, Hanukkah, and winter. Here are some of my favorites:


1. Melted Snowman

melted snowman craft 1 melted snowman craft 2
Santa Barbara Snowman: This activity was easy-peasy and made a neat and funny craft. Living in sunny Southern California, we don’t really have opportunities to make snowmen, so using a simple pre-printed sheet with the outline of a puddle and an overturned paper bowl the kids made their own melty, sunshine snowmen. They put the usual accessories on, with the exception of the sunglasses, and then wrote a sentence about where their snowman should move to or what happened to him. A lot of bang for the buck. (source)

2. Paper Plate Wreaths

paper plate wreaths


Cut the center out of the middle of a paper plate. Cut green construction paper into squares, and glue the first layer of green paper around the edge of the plate. Keep layering the green pieces and add some red small pieces for berries. Great preschool and kindergarten craft for the holidays! (source)
3. Popsicle Stick Menorah
Glue craft sticks to construction paper and make a cute and super easy Hanukkah craft for kids. Then spread glue above the craft sticks and sprinkle glitter to light the menorah. Love it! (source)

Scissor Practice Activity (Cute Paper Hedgehog!)

There are always kids in preschool and kindergarten who need a little extra practice using scissors. So here’s a perfect activity… making an adorable paper hedgehog! Click here to see the tutorial.


Falling for Sight Words

falling for sight words sticker

I haven’t done much with sight words on this blog so far, so I thought I’d take advantage of the fun Autumn leaves and make a fall themed sight words worksheet for kindergarten or preschool. I suggest having the student color the word “yellow” with a yellow crayon and “orange” with an orange crayon, etc.  This way, they can still do the activity even if they haven’t mastered color words yet. This is a great activity for fine motor skills to color in the irregular-shaped leaves.  Enjoy!

Click here for the free printable page: Falling for Sight Words

Printable Fall Worksheets

Snapfish worksheets STICKER

Found these adorable printable fall worksheets for preschool – third grade from Snapfish. Just thought I’d share them with you! Enjoy!

Guest Post: Sensory Play with Glitter Play Dough

Around Christmas time last year, we decided we were going to make glitter dough! I was just as excited as the kids to make it! All you need (of course) is play dough and glitter! (just shake that glitter into your play dough batch as sparingly or liberally as you’d like 😉
These kinds of projects are my favorite, where you can switch it up depending on the season or mood! 🙂 We chose red glitter and decided to make our dough the color green because we were feeling festive!
Here are some fun items that I put out with our play dough to blend imagination with sensory play:
Look around your house for items that could be used with play dough that would otherwise be looked over or thrown out. It might surprise you what you can find when looking at items with this in mind. For instance, at the bottom of my picture there is a heart shaped lid to a small box of candy that was given to me one Valentine’s day that is perfect for cutting heart shapes with play dough!
Do you also see a small blue rubber robot?  I gave my hubs a bunch of these funny guys as a gag gift of sorts when we were dating!;)  Who knew our children would be requesting them each time we broke out the play dough?! 🙂
You might also be surprised to see a child who normally doesn’t like to play with play dough much, be totally engrossed with it once you add a few fun toys and tools!
Side note: We have also made Halloween glitter dough (we did orange play dough with purple glitter but of course the options are endless..:)Perfect for this “stay indoors more” time of year!!
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Cereal Octopus Craft

Here’s another fun craft my friend Carol showed us at our after school program. Even the big kids liked it (the girls thought it was cute and the boys wanted the cereal). We used the cereal Apple Jacks, but any O shaped cereal would work for the octopus tentacles. We found white glue works better than glue stick, and doing this on card stock is better than regular printer paper (since the glue makes printer paper too soggy). Enjoy!
Cereal Octapus

Here’s the template:EPSON MFP image