I was recently working with a student to help them remember shape words (quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, etc). When we got to “octagon,” we somehow came up with this drawing and it seemed to really click with him. So I snapped a (rather lame) picture of our drawing in hopes that this idea might also help another student out there somewhere.

octagon octopus

How do you help your students remember these shape names?

Animal Crafts for Kids

These animal crafts were too adorable not to share. They would be way fun to make after studying animal environments, using them as a basis to teach adjectives or characteristics, etc.

Lion made with a paper plate and noodles! (source)

Chick and bunny printables. Great for spring and Easter! The website’s in Bulgarian, but if you click on the image, it takes you to the printable. Hooray for Google Translate! (source)

Cardboard tube octopus. Love it! (source)

Cereal Octopus Craft

Here’s another fun craft my friend Carol showed us at our after school program. Even the big kids liked it (the girls thought it was cute and the boys wanted the cereal). We used the cereal Apple Jacks, but any O shaped cereal would work for the octopus tentacles. We found white glue works better than glue stick, and doing this on card stock is better than regular printer paper (since the glue makes printer paper too soggy). Enjoy!
Cereal Octapus

Here’s the template:EPSON MFP image