Holiday Crafts & Activities for Kids

I saw these holiday craft and activity ideas recently and just HAD to share them with you!

1. Snowman Slam Bowling

snowman slam

To make our snowmen, decorate six white cups using black and orange craft foam.  To make the snowballs, tightly ball up three white socks. Now, you’re all set up for some fun miniature bowling! (source)

2. Bird Food Ornament
Bird-Food-OrnamentTo make these cute candy canes, first thread a red pipe cleaner through O-shaped cereal. Then hang it on your trees or bushes outside to spread the holiday cheer! Your kids will have fun making them and watching the birds snack on them!

3. Paper Bag Gingerbread House
paper bag gingerbread houseMy family makes gingerbread houses every year. So, I’m pretty much gingerbread-house obsessed. And, when I saw this idea, I went nuts! (I couldn’t find the original posting of this; so, if it’s yours, please tell me so I can give you credit!) Give each kid a brown paper bag. Then show them how to fold the top and glue some paper to the fold (making a roof) and let them go crazy with construction paper. Pretty easy, so many creative possibilities and best of all, it’s completely healthy (although it’s not as yummy)!


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