Sight Words Tic-Tac-Toe

I recently read a blog post on all the fun ways you can modify tic-tac-toe to make it more educational. This idea was my favorite: Cut up an egg carton (or make your own board out of paper) and create pieces of two different colors. On each piece, write a high-frequency sight word you would like your child or class to practice. Then have the kids play the standard game with these rules:

  1. You must say the word when you play the piece.
  2. After the game ends, you must write down the words you used AND the words your opponent used.

I would make a bunch of sets for my classroom using a variety of sight words so kids can play when they finish an assignment. If you use paper (pieces and boards), laminate them so they’ll last longer. Also, to keep sets together, I’d make a blue set (using light and dark blue pieces) so the kids know all the blue pieces go together.

This game can also be played with letter names and sounds if you’re working with younger kids (preschool, kindergarten, first grade).



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