If I Were President (Writing Activity)

If I Were President STICKER

I’m one of those people who sees an idea, or a printable or a worksheet, and says “Shoot! I don’t have a dollar for that! I should just make one myself!” I know some of you may think I’m crazy for thinking this, but what can I say. I have a non-existent budget and a lot to get done. Today’s post comes from this kind of situation. I saw this idea and made my own version of it. And now you can enjoy it too… for free!

Anyway, since President’s Day is coming up, teachers have an opportunity to discuss the significance of it. (Click here to see my free “What You Need to Know About President’s Day” comprehension worksheet.) For younger kids, you can’t get into as much detail, but you can talk about the president and the importance of the office a little bit. Here’s a fun writing activity that asks students to finish the sentence “if I were President…” This is especially fun for teachers to read. Sometimes kids’ perceptions about what the President can and can’t do is pretty funny!

This page also goes really well with a social studies unit about American government.

So here you have it (two versions), the free printable PDFs:
If I Were President – lower grades   (pictured above)
If I Were President – upper grades


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