Lord Of the Rings Classroom Ideas

Some teachers like to have a theme for their classroom. If you’re into Lord of the Rings, or your class reads Lord of the Rings as literature, you may enjoy these ideas (that I found on Pinterest!)

Encourage your kids to become familiar with your school’s library website



LOTR bulletin board


(I could not find the source for any of these photos, so if they’re yours, please let me know!) Any other ideas for a Lord of the Rings classroom theme? Comment below! Thanks!

Cowboy Classroom Theme Ideas

Looking for a fun western theme this year? Here are some ideas:

Word wall = “Word Herd”
cowboy theme 2

Student Spotlight = “Buckaroo of the Week”
cowboy theme 1

Student Display Bulletin Board = “Work Worth Hootin’ and Hollerin’ About!”
cowboy theme 3

Classroom Jobs = “Ranch Hands”
cowboy theme 4


Any other ideas to add to this list? Please comment below! 🙂

Super Hero Classroom Theme Ideas

Another friend of mine just did this door for teacher appreciation week. I have creative and crafty friends, I know. 🙂 This made me think of how cool it would be to have a super hero theme or bulletin board in your classroom. You could use phrases like “super heroes in training” or “It’s going to be a super year!” or “It’s been a super year!”  How awesome would it be to have a bulletin board for open house with pictures of students in masks and capes with the words “Welcome to our super class!” !?!?  Anyway, you get the idea…

Super hero door 1


Super hero door 3Super hero door 2Super hero door 4

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