Guest Post: Exam Time – What it Lets Teachers and Students Do

During the exams, the teachers help the students prepare for their exams. Here are some of the ways the teacher may assist the students in preparation of the exam:

  • Incorporation of videos in the class. It is said that students retain 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear 20% of what they see. That means when using the videos the students will be able to retain 50% and this will go a long way in helping them in memory during exams.
  • Incorporation of computer or video games into the class. It is believed that people are able to retain 80% of what they experience. The games help the students develop skills such as teamwork, problem solving, calculations, and negotiations and even increase their motivation. Biologically it has been proven that it helps in creation of attention which becomes very helpful when preparing for an exam.
  • The teachers design study to make it simple for the students by using Technology. Instead of a teacher giving students the whole chapter for assignments, the teacher may decide to take a different route and break down the assignments into small bits that will be easy for the students to understand and also would encourage the students to read at any time they could read when traveling or in bed just before they retire this makes studies become easier and helps students pass their exams.
  • The teachers may decide to flip their classroom and make it more interactive by this the teachers may share videos at home. This helps strengthen the teacher-student relationship as a result creates a conducive atmosphere for learning in class. It also helps the teacher and students to interact one on one enabling the teacher to know the students weakness and help them. The students master their courses at their own time and are free to ask the teachers questions that may assist them during their exam.

Some of the problems a teacher may face when preparing the students for the exams may include:

  • It gets to be so stressful for students and this affects the teachers.
  • The preparation classes can become very boring.
  • Sometimes the time is not enough for preparation of the exam.
  • Teachers may also find it hard to get the materials for preparation of the exam.

Yet in many ways the preparation class can be seen as a positive thing;

  • At that time the students are all working towards the same goal.
  • The students are motivated to pass their exams.
  • It also justifies that what teachers teach in class is useful.
  • Both the teachers and students are challenged alike.
  • The results of the exams also encourages both the students and the teachers and helps them know they are doing well.

About the Author: Joana Armie is a blogger from London, UK. She has interest in reading and writing articles. As of now she is busy doing a research work on UK passport, which explains about procedure for applying for a passport.