Veteran’s Day Coloring Pages & Activities for Kids

Veterans Day Coloring Page STICKERFirst let me say thank you to all those Veterans (and their families) out there who have sacrificed so much for our America. Thank you!!!

Here are 2 free printable coloring pages (source) for you to use as you remember this special day.  Click here for the Veteran’s Day coloring pages: Veterans Day Coloring Page I   and  Veterans Day Coloring Page II  Here are some images that might be helpful for your class (to see the uniforms of each branch): detail on uniforms,  All Branches- dress uniforms 

.Last year’s post included a comprehension worksheet detailing the history and significance of Veteran’s Day so be sure to check that out too! Looking for more Veteran’s Day fun? Here’s a cool website for kids (published by Veteran’s Affairs) called VA Kids. It’s got activities, facts and games for kids K-5th.  Kids Connect also has a great page about Veteran’s Day.  Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day Coloring Pages & Activities for Kids

  1. Oh, this is great! I was wanting to do something theme related for Veteran’s Day. My daughter loves to color, so I’m going to use your color sheets and links for our homeschool. I think we’ll send them to dad’s job (Army) to post on the bulletin board! Thank you!

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