State Capitals Practice

states-capitals-practice-previewAfter you teach your kids the states and capitals (using the “Fifty Nifty States” song!?), you’re going to need a quiz. Or a practice page to make sure your kids can spell everything correctly. Either way, it’s pretty handy! The printable has two versions of the page to give students (one with the states listed and one with the capitals listed) and an answer key.

Click here to view the full size PDF: states-capitals-practice

List of Patriotic American Songs (And YouTube Video Links)

Patriotic Song List stickerA friend of mine plays patriotic songs in her classroom all year long. After all, appreciation for your country shouldn’t just happen on holidays. Whether it’s during clean up time, line up time or as a reward, her kids LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing these songs! Most of the kids have even learned the words too! How great would it be if the rising generation could regain the fire of patriotism of the past?!

Here’s her list of songs/video links to help get you started:


A Salute to all 5 military branches (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force & Coast Guard)

Air Force Off We Go (lyrics)

America The Beautiful (lyrics)

Anchors Away (lyrics)

Anchors Away no lyrics

Caissons Go Rolling no lyrics

Caissons Go Rolling (lyrics)

Coast Guard Marching Song (lyrics)

Fifty Nifty United States

God Bless America (lyrics)

God Bless the USA (lyrics)

Marine’s Hymn (lyrics)

My Country Tis of Thee (lyrics)

Off We Go

Star Spangled Banner (lyrics)

This is My Country

This Land is Your Land

What’s More American

This Land is your land Simple

You’re a Grand Old Flag

Fourth of July Graphing

I forgot to tell you about my Fourth of July graphing page for 2nd – 3rd grades! I posted it over at We Are Teachers at the end of June. Just head on over there and download it so you’ll have it for future use! Click here to get to my We Are Teachers Post!

Fourth of July Fireworks preview

Symbols of America

Symbols of America STICKERSymbols of America is pretty much a standard idea in any lower grade social studies core. Here’s a page that asks kids about 4 basic symbols of America. Enjoy!

Click here for the free printable PDF: Symbols of America

Veteran’s Day Coloring Pages & Activities for Kids

Veterans Day Coloring Page STICKERFirst let me say thank you to all those Veterans (and their families) out there who have sacrificed so much for our America. Thank you!!!

Here are 2 free printable coloring pages (source) for you to use as you remember this special day.  Click here for the Veteran’s Day coloring pages: Veterans Day Coloring Page I   and  Veterans Day Coloring Page II  Here are some images that might be helpful for your class (to see the uniforms of each branch): detail on uniforms,  All Branches- dress uniforms 

.Last year’s post included a comprehension worksheet detailing the history and significance of Veteran’s Day so be sure to check that out too! Looking for more Veteran’s Day fun? Here’s a cool website for kids (published by Veteran’s Affairs) called VA Kids. It’s got activities, facts and games for kids K-5th.  Kids Connect also has a great page about Veteran’s Day.  Enjoy!