YahnooChickChick, A Chick-Chick Who Can Yodel

Here’s another Easter/spring folk song from my childhood that took me forever to recover. I couldn’t find a video that has the music, so I’ll keep on the look out for one. So make up your own tune, or just read it and chuckle.


I know a baby chick-chick
On a mountain top
When he starts to yodel
He never ever stops.

Who’s that baby chick-chick
So happy hooray
Who loves to sing and yodel
While walking on his way?

It’s Yah-noo-chick-chick is a
Chick-chick- chick,
A chick-chick who can yodel!

Yah-noo-chick-chick is a
Chick-chick- chick,
A chick-chick who can yodel!

When you hear his song,
Sing along: “Yo-de-lee-o”
And you can see it’s fun to be
A chick-chick who can yodel!

Cute Bunny Box (printable template)

Here’s a fun paper box for Easter. You can fill it with Easter candy, grass/jelly beans, or anything else fun. My friend sent this to me and said her 2nd graders just LOVE it. Thanks!

small Easter bunny box to color and cut

Giant Easter Bunny Craft

A second grade teacher just submitted this fun craft! It can be made with any color paper, and turns out to be about 3 1/2 feet tall! Thank you!

Easter Bunny pattern 3 1-2 feet tall

Easter Bunny picture 3 1-2 feet tall

Starch Painting Easter Eggs

Here’s another fun craft we did this week: we painted tissue paper squares on to paper Easter eggs. Just mix starch with water and apply it over the pieces of tissue paper. Then hang them up to dry. Easy as that! Happy Easter!

starch painting eggs 2 starch painting eggs

Flying Bunny Craft

My friend Carol tried this with our kinders today and they loved it! We went to the top of the play structure and tried to get our bunnies to fly to different spots on the ground. Super easy craft for kindergarten or preschool… probably would also be fun for first or second grade as well. I mean, come on… who wouldn’t enjoy making a flying bunny rabbit!? Happy Easter!

Click here for the free printable PDF: Flying Bunny pdf

flying bunny