End of the Year Round Up

The last day of school’s kind of a bust. You can’t really do anything productive since the kids are completely wound up (and you’re probably busy packing up your classroom for the summer). So finding non-crazy (but still fun) things to do is hard. That’s why many teachers do some kind of end of the year review project where kids can capture a snapshot of the year. in a fun way. So without further ado, here’s my “end of the year round up” page:

End of the year round up


End of the Year Book (10 Page Printable)

I love reading my husband’s end of the year books from elementary school. They absolutely crack me up! So I made one in case you didn’t have one.  Here are 10 printable pages to use the last week or the last day of school to review the year and make a fun memory for kids to read years down the road. Congratulate yourself- you’ve made it to the end of the school year!

Click here to get the End of the Year Book- PDF

Here’s what the pages look like:

End of the year book 1End of the year book 2End of the year book 3 End of the year book 4 End of the year book 5 End of the year book 6 End of the year book 7 End of the year book 8 End of the year book 9 End of the year book 10

End of the Year Awards (44 Printable Certificates)

end of the year awards Sticker

Many teachers give out classroom award certificates at the end of the year. But there’s always those few kids who are hard to find an award for. And who has time to come up with gobs of awards that fit their students. Well, look no more! Here are 44 (yes, 44) pre-made award certificates for you to print off, fill out and distribute! If you plan on teaching for multiple years, it might save you time in the long run to print off a set and sign them (your
name only, not the date or grade) and save them in a folder so you don’t have to find them and sign them next year.

Here’s the PDF version (click to download: End of the Year Awards Collection) so you can print them all at once. I’ve also included a End of the Year Awards- Tracking Sheet for you to write down who gets which award in case the end of the year gets a little hectic. This is what the awards look like:

Super Scientist Award

Personal note here… these are so much more fun to fill out for your students when you’re writing with these Gelly Roll Stardust pens from back in the day! (Yes, I found them on Amazon!! They still exist!)

Click the picture to grab a pack!

One teacher requested a blank version of this certificate so you can write in your own award title. Such a good idea. Here it is:

blank certificate

And since I’m a “pen junkie,” I’ll share with you my other favorite for writing certificates… METALLIC sharpies! They make everything so fancy!

Click the photo to check them out!

Click here to check out my collection of upper grade “Hashtag Awards” (46 printable classroom awards). Here’s a sample:

Hashtag Award 1

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