EASY Place Value Game… Around the World (with a twist!)

So you’ve probably heard about the classroom game, Around the World (IN A NUT SHELL: The teacher shows 2 students a math flash card. The first one to blurt out the answer moves to stand next to a new student’s seat and faces off with them using a new flash card. The winner gets to advance to a new student and the kids try to move as many seats as possible.) Here’s a fun twist on the classic game.


  1. Write any multi-digit number on a note card (for older grades, add decimal points)
  2. Underline 1 digit in the number
  3. Repeat until you have a stack of cards
  4. OPTIONAL: label the back of each card so you know what place value is underlined on the front (tens, hundreds, thousands…)

PLAY:  Instead of telling you the answer to a math fact (like in regular Around the World), the student must name the place value underlined on the card to win the face-off.

place value song

Submitted by a 2nd grade teacher in AZ. Thanks!

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