Streets and Alleys (Outside Game)

I recently saw a class playing this game outside. It’s called Streets and Alleys. This is definitely fast paced and will keep the kids running around a good bit. I couldn’t get a great picture, but I found an excellent description from a great website for kids games.

Before You Begin

15 or more players
Ages 7 and up


Three players will stand on the sidelines while the other players divide into 3 groups of the same number of kids (or very close to the same number).

Each team stands side by side, arms outstretched, and hold hands, to form 3 rows.

Each team faces front with about 5 feet between rows – this forms “streets”.

The players on the sidelines become the runner, the chaser and the game leader.

The runner lines up on the end of a street. The chaser lines up in front of the first row. The leader stands in front of the first row as well.

The leader shouts, “one, two, three, GO!” and the runner runs down the streets and the chaser chases her.

The leader can call out “alley” if she wants.

The players lined up in the rows, drop their arms, turn to their right and, with arms outstretched, hold hands with these other players. This forms “alleys”.

Players who are running and chasing have to run down the streets or alleys. They cannot duck under the other player’s arms.

The leader will continue to call out either streets or alleys and the players have to run that way.

Once the runner is caught, a new round begins with a new chaser, leader and runner.

If the runner is not caught after a preset number of minutes, that round is over.


Set time limits for each round depending on the number of players.

Keep it shorter if there are a large group of children playing.

streets and alleys

Not a great picture (sorry!), but you can see the kids standing in a grid formation so they can turn to make the streets and alleys…




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