Whole Class Game: Who’s Who in the American Revolutionary War

American Rev game STICKER

A fellow teacher recently submitted this game. It’s a matching game of the famous people in the American Revolutionary War. There’s a whole class set (print one per page to put it on your whiteboard) and a small set to use in smaller groups or pairs. The object of the game is simple: to match the description of the person with their name. Players or teams take turns flipping over 2 cards, keeping them both if they’re a match. The team with the most matches as the end wins.

Click here to get the PDF versions of the game:
Revolutionary War Match Game – for board Revolutionary War Match Game small

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Graphic Organizer: Causes of the American Revolution

American Revolution G.O. STICKERI’ve found that letting kids take notes and draw pictures of social studies concepts helps them remember them. So I’ve made a simple graphic organizer to teach/summarize causes of the American Revolutionary War. The causes we’re going to put on the graphic organizer are: colonists wanted to make own laws, unfair taxes, and British troops in the American colonies.

Click here for the free printable PDF: Causes of the Revolutionary War graphic organizer

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Ancient Civilizations Graphic Organizer

Ancient Civ G.O. STICKER

One of my favorite parts of teaching 6th grade is the chance to teach ancient civilizations as part of social studies. Here’s my graphic organizer for summarizing the contributions of ancient civilizations. I’ve been asked why I like to put a blank box on my graphic organizers. Well, I like to let kids draw a picture of the ideas because it seems to help the ideas stick in their brains. You know what they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words!

Click here for the free printable PDF: Ancient Civilizations graphic organizer

Life Cycle of a Bee Graphic Organizer

Bee Life Cycle STICKERHere’s a simple graphic organizer for teaching the life cycle of a bee. Here’s the key for the “_____ days” part: egg – 3 days, larva – 6 days, pupa – 12 days. In the boxes, kids can write notes, draw pictures, etc.

Click here for the free, printable PDF: Bee Life Cycle Graphic Organizer