Whole Class Game: Who’s Who in the American Revolutionary War

American Rev game STICKER

A fellow teacher recently submitted this game. It’s a matching game of the famous people in the American Revolutionary War. There’s a whole class set (print one per page to put it on your whiteboard) and a small set to use in smaller groups or pairs. The object of the game is simple: to match the description of the person with their name. Players or teams take turns flipping over 2 cards, keeping them both if they’re a match. The team with the most matches as the end wins.

Click here to get the PDF versions of the game:
Revolutionary War Match Game – for board Revolutionary War Match Game small

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Graphic Organizer: Causes of the American Revolution

American Revolution G.O. STICKERI’ve found that letting kids take notes and draw pictures of social studies concepts helps them remember them. So I’ve made a simple graphic organizer to teach/summarize causes of the American Revolutionary War. The causes we’re going to put on the graphic organizer are:¬†colonists wanted to make own laws, unfair taxes, and British troops in the American colonies.

Click here for the free printable PDF: Causes of the Revolutionary War graphic organizer

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