Poetry Review Graphic Organizer

Confession… I’m not crazy about poetry. I usually prefer stories. Sometimes I feel like teachers go way overboard in dissecting poetry. This graphic organizer guides my poetry reviews. We go over enough that the kids think about the poem, but we’re not beating a dead horse. Maybe you’ll find it useful too. Enjoy!

poetry-review-graphic-organizer-previewClick here to download the full size PDF:  poetry-review-graphic-organizer


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Text Features Graphic Organizer

Check out the text features graphic organizer I made for We Are Teachers:

Text Feature previewClick here to go to the post on We Are Teachers and download the free printable.

Fact Families Graphic Organizer

Fact Family G.O. STICKERI saw this idea somewhere and fell in love with it! This little house is home to a “fact family.” You could use this for addition/subtraction or for multiplication/division.  I’ve made a full page version and a half page version. Sometimes having to complete a half sheet (rather than a full sheet) seems less intimidating to kids even if it’s got the same thing on it. I’ve included a page to use as an example of how to complete the graphic organizer.

Click here for the free printables:
Fact Family graphic organizer – double
Fact Family graphic organizer – full page
Fact Family graphic organizer- example


State Profile Page (Graphic Organizer)

state profile STICKERArizona Social Studies Strand 3 (Civics/Government) includes a study of the state. For example, in first grade, concept 1/PO 6 says “Recognize state symbols of Arizona (e.g., bird, flower, tree, flag).” Here’s my state profile page (called “My State Rocks!”) that can be used to learn about any state. There’s a space to color in your state on the map and draw pictures of state symbols (tree, flower, etc.).
Click here for the free printable PDF: My State Rocks – USA

Graphic Organizer: Causes of World War 1

WW2 graphic organizer STICKERIt’s official. I love using graphic organizers for teaching social studies. This time, I’m having my students teach each other about the causes of World War 2. Each kid will teach 3 other students. They can use their entire sheet for the first person they teach. When they teach the second person, they have to fold the paper so they can’t see the words, but they can use their drawings. For the final person, they can’t use their paper at all.

Click here for the free printable PDF: Causes of World War 2 graphic organizer

Graphic Organizer: Causes of World War 1

WW1 G.O. STICKERYay for graphic organizers! I’m getting good at them. I’m finding that the key is to make them simple so that the format doesn’t distract kids. Anyway, here’s my newest social studies graphic organizer. It’s about the causes of World War 1. It’s similar to the other social studies graphic organizers I’ve made.

Click here for the free printable PDF: Causes of World War 1 graphic organizer

Life Cycle of a Butterfly Graphic Organizer

Life cycle of a butterfly 2 STICKER Life cycle of a butterfly STICKER

Last week, I posted a blank life cycle graphic organizer. This week, I’ve made another one specifically for butterflies. It includes a space for writing, but not for drawing, because I found some super cute pictures of each butterfly stage. I also made a second one to illustrate everything a different way.

Click here for the free printable PDFs: Butterfly Life Cycle- Graphic Organizer 1

Life Cycle of a Butterfly

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Life Cycle of a Bee Graphic Organizer

Bee Life Cycle STICKERHere’s a simple graphic organizer for teaching the life cycle of a bee. Here’s the key for the “_____ days” part: egg – 3 days, larva – 6 days, pupa – 12 days. In the boxes, kids can write notes, draw pictures, etc.

Click here for the free, printable PDF: Bee Life Cycle Graphic Organizer