Fact Families Graphic Organizer

Fact Family G.O. STICKERI saw this idea somewhere and fell in love with it! This little house is home to a “fact family.” You could use this for addition/subtraction or for multiplication/division.  I’ve made a full page version and a half page version. Sometimes having to complete a half sheet (rather than a full sheet) seems less intimidating to kids even if it’s got the same thing on it. I’ve included a page to use as an example of how to complete the graphic organizer.

Click here for the free printables:
Fact Family graphic organizer – double
Fact Family graphic organizer – full page
Fact Family graphic organizer- example


Fact Families Practice Page

Fact families sticker

Here’s a simple page to help your class work on fact families. Each day, choose a fact family (like 3+5=8) and have your students fill out the parts (3 and 5) and the whole (8). Then they can write all the number sentences within that fact family (3+5=8, 5+3=8, 8-5=3 and 8-3=5). This will help kids build their number sense and learn to identify relationships between parts and wholes. Click here for the free printable worksheet: Fact Families Page PDF