Top 10 Digital Trends in K-12 Education (2015)

tech trends 2015 STICKER(My most recent research topic is near future of educational technology? Can you tell by all my posts about technology?!)

Fortunately for students, learning is becoming more and more student centered. This shift, combined with the creation of better and better technology will lead to a number of big digital technology trends in K-12 in 2015. Here’s the Center for Digital Education’s list of the top 10 trends to watch for in 2015:

  1. Personalized learning
  2. Competency-based education
  3. Digital learning outcomes
  4. Digital course access
  5. Blended and digital learning adoption at the local level
  6. Open content and educational resources
  7. Adaptive technology
  8. Badging
  9. Community connectivism
  10. Mobile learning

The full article provides a brief description of each digital trend as well as what is driving/will drive the trend. Click here to read the full article (a pretty quick read).