Free DVD for Teachers

The following was submitted by a fellow teacher: “ is a website that gives teachers a free DVD once a year.  You do have to log in and set up a free account.  But free is free!”

This piqued my interest (I’m all about free stuff!), so I did some research.They have a free membership and a paid membership. Here’s what you get in the free membership (as quoted from their website):


  • A FREE video each year: Receive a FREE video, complete with Table of Contents, Teacher’s Guide, Discussion Questions, Quizzes, and more, each year for as long as you teach! Just provide feedback after using the video in your classroom.
  •  Educational Standards Alignment: See how each video meets your state standards, or search for which of our videos meet a specific standard. Now includes Common Core Standards.
  •  Current Events: Two daily lessons with news articles and stimulating discussion questions.
  •  Student Zone: Allows your students to access Current Events, games, and other resources.


I couldn’t find details about exactly what free DVD you get every year, but it’s worth investigating!  There are always resources seeking your money and there are plenty of awesome teacher resources out there for sale. But if you’re like me and don’t have the luxury of extra funds, this might be a cool option. Here’s a link to the FAQ if you want more information.

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