Using Memes in the Classroom

PutYourNameOnIt memeI absolutely loved this idea! It might work better with upper grades, since I don’t think younger kids have had enough exposure to memes to get as much out of this activity. This post from Mrs. Orman’s classroom talks about five ways to use memes in the classroom. Here are the five ideas:

  1. Teach about class rules, expectations and or procedures using memes
  2. Have kids create memes as ice-breaker activities
  3. Promote and reinforce your curriculum (such as a meme of George Washington)
  4. Creative activity
  5. Open house or new student orientation

Even if you don’t think using memes in your classroom will work well, her examples are HILARIOUS and totally worth the read!

Teacher Memes/Cartoons- 20

Teacher Memes/ Cartoons- 19

When I saw this one, I laughed so hard I almost cried:

Teacher Memes/Cartoons- 18

Teacher Memes/Cartoons- 17

Teacher Memes/Cartoons- 16

teacher meme


Teacher Memes/Cartoons- 15

Teacher Memes/Cartoons – 13