Summer Memories Writing Project

Summer Memories- draw own picture STICKER

One of the best ways to preserve memories is to write them down. Help your students preserve a fun summer time memory be encouraging them to write it down. Encourage them to focus on details that help make the story rich. Motivate your students by allowing them to share their written memory with you, the class or other students. Here’s the free printable worksheet that goes with this activity. There are 2 versions (one provides space for your kids to draw a picture, and the other doesn’t). Click the links below to see the PDF: Summer Memories- draw own picture   or   Summer Memories- with picture.

Holiday Memories Page

Holiday Memories STICKER

I love hearing my parents talk about their Christmas memories. What I love even more is reading about them in their journals from when they were kids. This is why I decided to make a “holiday memories page” to use as a fun holiday writing project for kids. There are two versions of this page- one with space to draw a picture, and one without. Here are the free printable PDFs: Holiday Memories – draw own picture and Holiday Memories – with picture. Merry Christmas!