Halloween Coin Counting Practice

Happy Halloween!! Do you have your costume figured out yet? I don’t, but I’m working on it! Anyway, use the excitement for Halloween to sneak in some coin counting practice. Enjoy another freebie!

Click here to download the free PDF: Coin Counting Practice – Halloween Costumes
Click here to download the free PDF: Coin Counting Practice – Halloween Costumes – Answer Key

Pirate Treasure 2 (Counting Coins)

Another pirate treasure page for you (click here to see the first one)! Here’s another simple printable PDF to help kids practice counting coins and learn some money basics. I was organized again and made you an answer key. 🙂

Pirate Treasure 2 STICKER

Click here for the free printable PDFs: Pirate Treasure 2 and Pirate Treasure 2 – Answer Key

If you’re looking for activities to do on “Talk Like A Pirate Day,” try this worksheet!

Pirate Treasure 1 (Counting Coins)

Pirates collect treasure… especially money. So naturally, they have to learn to count it! This free printable is a simple page where students count pirate treasure (coins). Super easy. I’ve even made you an answer key this time. 🙂

Pirate Treasure 1 STICKER

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Click here for the free printable PDFs:  Pirate Treasure 1 and Pirate Treasure 1 – Answer Key

Looking for more freebies about money? Try out this Matching & Counting Money Puzzles printable!

Matching & Counting Money Puzzles

Money! So much fun to have, but so much work to teach little minds about! Check out my recent matching game for learning money. I’ve got two sets: one for matching the words to the coin and another for also adding up the coins to find the total amount. These would probably be most appropriate for second grade.

Money match Sticker

Click here to download the matching-only puzzle:  Money Match

Money match and count

Click here to download the money match and countingpuzzle: Money Match and Count