Classroom Coupons – English and Spanish

classroom coupons STICKERMy friend is teaching a bilingual class this year. I made her these homework coupons or homework passes (or whatever you want to call them). They’re blank so that you as the teacher can write in the value of the coupon before you copy them. Read my post about classroom reward ideas if you need some inspiration.

Click here to view the coupons: Classroom Coupons – English
Classroom Coupons – Spanish

Click here to view my other set of free classroom coupons.

Classroom Coupons UPDATED

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with good ideas for classroom coupons. So I’ve searched for the 20 best coupon ideas I could find. Here they are (in no particular order):

  1. Wear a hat
  2. Sit at the teacher’s desk
  3. Sit in a special chair at your desk
  4. Use a pen
  5. Piece of candy
  6. Choose your classroom job
  7. Sit with a buddy
  8. Bring a stuffed animal
  9. Read a book to the class
  10. 5 bonus points
  11. Skip one night’s homework
  12. Positive note to parents
  13. 10 minutes free computer time
  14. Late work pass
  15. Bring a show and tell item
  16. Lunch with the teacher
  17. Choose a song to play during end-of-the-day clean up time
  18. Choose your spot in line
  19. Go to lunch 2 minutes early
  20. 1 free word on a spelling test

Here’s a sheet for you to use for your classroom Coupons. I recommend printing out this page and then writing your desired rewards on the page before copying it. You can write your initials on the “signed” line or just use a special teacher stamp to make sure the coupon is authentic. When I taught sixth grade, as a matter of principle, I never signed them ahead of time. If a kid chose a coupon as their prize from the prize box, I would write their name on it and sign it then.

Click here for the free printable PDF: Classroom Coupons PDF

classroom coupon sheet 1