Rectangle Riddles (Multiplication & Array Practice)

Rectangle Riddles sticker

Here’s a fun, simple activity for kids learning multiplication facts or learning simple arrays. Use color tiles (or little square pieces of construction paper) to make the rectangles described in the riddle. Then draw your answer on the page (and write the multiplication fact is represents). Enjoy!

I made 2 versions using the same riddles. One is a half sheet with 2 questions on it (since sometimes kids get overwhelmed with a full sheet). Click here for the free worksheet PDFs: Rectangle Riddles- half sheets            Rectangle Riddles- set of 4 pages

Halloween Jokes & Riddles for Kids

Halloween jokes and riddles sticker

Kids love holiday jokes(no matter what holiday), and there are TONS out there for Halloween. Here’s one great collection of Halloween joked and riddles for kids: Squigley’s Halloween Jokes and Riddles (joke above from this page). But in case you didn’t get enough Halloween laughs, yet, here are some more lists to tickle your funny bone:

Corny Halloween Riddles for Kids

Scary Jokes & Riddles

Top 25 Halloween Jokes & Riddles for Kids

If you know of any awesome Halloween kids jokes, comment below! The more laughter, the better! Click here for more Halloween fun…