Grammatical Poetry – Fall

I fell in love with the idea of grammatical poetry when I saw it. It turns out fun and silly poem and gives kids a painless, quick review of grammar! Here’s a free printable template for fall grammatical poetry. Click here for the Grammatical Poetry- fall. Enjoy!

Grammatical Poetry- fall

Grammatical Poetry

I fell in love with this idea instantly. It teaches kids the different parts of speech and lets them write poetry while they’re doing it! I made my own worksheet for you to download. Click here for the PDF: Grammatical PoetryP1030598

Bio Poetry For Kids

Bio Poems can be written by students to describe the lives of real people as creative writing exercise, or fictional characters to demonstrate reading comprehension. Bio Poems could even be written about inanimate objects. There are a variety of formulas for writing a bio poem. Here are 2 of the most common formulas:


Your name

Child of…

Who loves…

Who hates…

Who wants to go to…

Who wishes he/she could’ve met…

Who is scared of…

Who dreams of…

Who is determined to…

Who values…

Who is proud of…

Who graduated from…

Who lives…

Your name again



First name

Three or four adjectives that describe the person

Important relationship (daughter of . . . , mother of . . . , etc)

Two or three things, people, or ideas that the person loved

Three feelings the person experienced

Three fears the person experienced

Accomplishments (who composed . . . , who discovered . . . , etc.)

Two or three things the person wanted to see happen or wanted to experience

His or her residence

Last name



It’s always fun to share or display the bio poems. One teacher had her students tear pieces of construction paper to create artwork of their face to put up next to the student’s bio poem. You could easily adapt this project to describe historical figures, events, etc. by changing the formula.

YahnooChickChick, A Chick-Chick Who Can Yodel

Here’s another Easter/spring folk song from my childhood that took me forever to recover. I couldn’t find a video that has the music, so I’ll keep on the look out for one. So make up your own tune, or just read it and chuckle.


I know a baby chick-chick
On a mountain top
When he starts to yodel
He never ever stops.

Who’s that baby chick-chick
So happy hooray
Who loves to sing and yodel
While walking on his way?

It’s Yah-noo-chick-chick is a
Chick-chick- chick,
A chick-chick who can yodel!

Yah-noo-chick-chick is a
Chick-chick- chick,
A chick-chick who can yodel!

When you hear his song,
Sing along: “Yo-de-lee-o”
And you can see it’s fun to be
A chick-chick who can yodel!

Silly Valentine’s Day Poems for Grammar Practice (free worksheets)

Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy these silly poems and some grammar practice! Click here for the free printable PDFs: poem 1    poem 2    poem 3

V-Day Grammar- poem 1V-Day Grammar- poem 2

V-Day Grammar- poem 3

Teaching Inflection & Voice

One aspect of good reading is inflection. Let’s face it – nobody wants to hear a robot read out loud to them. Selecting the right material is crucial in teaching young readers to read with inflection. This poem provides students the perfect chance to practice using emotion when they read. Try it, it’s fun…

At History I’m Hopeless (By Kenn Nesbitt)
 At history I’m hopeless.
At spelling I stink.
In music I’m useless.
From science I shrink.
At art I’m atrocious.
In sports I’m a klutz.
At reading I’m rotten.
And math makes me nuts.
At language I’m lousy.
Computers? I’m cursed.
In drama I’m dreadful.
My writing’s the worst.
There’s only one subject
I’m sure I would pass,
but they don’t teach
video games in my class.