Who Was St. Patrick? (upper grade grammar & comprehension packet)

st. patrick's day grammar book cover

Many of us know St. Patrick’s Day is about the Irish, drinking beverages, hunting for leprechauns and someone named Saint Patrick. But do you really know who he was?

Here’s a 5 day grammar/comprehension practice book for upper grades. Click here to for the PDF.  Enjoy!

Veterans’ Day Worksheet UPDATED

Here’s what every kid should know about Veterans’ Day and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This is probably an upper grade worksheet because of the reading level, but it would also be great as a whole class discussion for lower grades. Yay America!

Click here to download the free PDF: Veterans Day Worksheet

Veterans Day Worksheet STICKER



  1. We remember veterans of all wars the US has fought.
  2. The US president places a wreath on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
  3. “Armistice” means a truce, or an agreement made by opposing sides in a war to stop the fighting.

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Columbus Day (free worksheet)

Here’s an easy free comprehension worksheet about the history of Columbus Day. Click here for the PDF: Columbus Day worksheet

Columbus Day

Here are the answers:

1. October 12, 1492
2. President Benjamin Harrison
3. The United States of America celebrates on the second Monday in October regardless of the date, and other countries celebrate it on October 12.

Martin Luther King Day (free worksheet)

This free worksheet about Martin Luther King Day covers the basic history of the holiday. It includes some parts of speech practice and simple reading comprehension. Click here to see the free printable version (PDF): MLK Worksheet  Enjoy!

Martin Luther King Day

Presidents’ Day (free worksheet) UPDATED

What you need to know about Presidents’ Day… easy comprehension page on the history of Presidents’ Day. It’s great for all grade levels, and you could easily do this page as a whole class under a document camera. Click here for the free printable PDF: President’s Day PDF

Presidents' Day