Number Ninja (Hundreds Chart Puzzles)

Number Ninja STICKER 2Here are more of my hundreds chart puzzles in my Number Ninja Series. Each puzzle presents sections of the hundreds chart and requires them to fill in each section. This will help kids become more familiar with the hundreds chart, thus increasing their number sense and ability to recognize patterns within it.

Click here for the free printable puzzles:
Number ninja 4 KEY      Number ninja 4
Number ninja 5 KEY      Number ninja 5
Number ninja 6 KEY      Number ninja 6

Number Ninja (Hundreds Chart Puzzles)

Number Ninja STICKER 1I’ve put together some puzzles to help kids become more familiar with the hundreds chart.  I want my kids to be so familiar with the hundreds chart that they can make one by themselves on scratch paper during a test, and can also identify patterns in our base-10 number system. I’ve made a series of puzzles that increase in difficulty.

Click here for the first 3 levels:
Number ninja 1
Number ninja 2
Number ninja 3

Counting on Fingers (Number Sense Activity)

I love this math activity. It’s genius on so many levels! This would help students with addition and subtraction, but also to teach “the 9’s trick” with multiplication! It would be a great introductory/review activity at the beginning of the year, especially to have each student trace their own hands and make one of these themselves.  (source)

I know many parents (and some teachers) don’t like it when kids use their fingers to count or do math. Many see it as a sign of weakness of lack of understanding. However, each time you allow a child to use their fingers (or a hundreds chart or multiplication chart, for that matter) to get the right answer, you’re providing them an opportunity to discover and work for the CORRECT answer. Eventually kids will learn their facts from repetition or they’ll get tired of being the only one without them memorized and they’ll fix the problem. After all, speed isn’t what’s important in math. YES, it definitely helps and it has clear advantages, but it’s not the end-all, be-all. There, I’m done with my soap box; I’ll put it away now. 🙂

Hundreds Chart Worksheet: 10 More Than/10 Less Than

hundreds chart- more than- less than OWL sticker

I absolutely love this idea. I’ve done two other worksheets with this same idea (click here and click here to see them) and I’ve found it to be really successful. It’s super important to get kids familiar with the hundreds chart. Hopefully children will be so familiar with it that they can make their own hundreds chart on a piece of scratch paper during a test (since kids don’t get a printed hundreds chart on their standardized tests).Click here to see my third 10 more that/10 less than hundreds chart worksheet: hundreds chart- more than- less than OWL