Thanksgiving Game Board

Thanksgiving Gameboard STICKERMore game boards! I’ve decided you can’t ever have too many blank game boards in your classroom to use with review games (click here to read about some of my favorites). This one’s Thanksgiving themed, and would be perfect to use with math facts, spelling words, etc. They’re actually really simple to use: for example, hand 2 kids a game board (it’s best if you laminate them first) and a die. Kids can roll the die and earn that many spaces if they get a math fact right (just hand them a stack of flash cards) or if they correctly spell a word on their weekly spelling list. Enjoy!

Click here for the free printable PDF: Thanksgiving Game board 1

Printable Math Flash Cards

math flash cards STICKERHere are some printable math flash cards that I made using the Microsoft Word 2013 templates. (Can you tell I’m a big fan of the new Office suite!?)

Click below to view the free printable math flash cards:
Addition Flash Cards- back side
Addition Flash Cards- Front side

Division flash cards – back side
Division flash cards – front side

Multiplication Flash Cards- Back side
Multiplication Flash Cards- Front side

Subtraction flash cards – Back side
Subtraction flash cards – Front side

Counting on Fingers (Number Sense Activity)

I love this math activity. It’s genius on so many levels! This would help students with addition and subtraction, but also to teach “the 9’s trick” with multiplication! It would be a great introductory/review activity at the beginning of the year, especially to have each student trace their own hands and make one of these themselves.  (source)

I know many parents (and some teachers) don’t like it when kids use their fingers to count or do math. Many see it as a sign of weakness of lack of understanding. However, each time you allow a child to use their fingers (or a hundreds chart or multiplication chart, for that matter) to get the right answer, you’re providing them an opportunity to discover and work for the CORRECT answer. Eventually kids will learn their facts from repetition or they’ll get tired of being the only one without them memorized and they’ll fix the problem. After all, speed isn’t what’s important in math. YES, it definitely helps and it has clear advantages, but it’s not the end-all, be-all. There, I’m done with my soap box; I’ll put it away now. 🙂

Christmas Addition & Subtraction Worksheet

This worksheet deals with simple addition and subtraction. Based on the answer (even/odd), kids either color the light bulb red or green. Too cute! Click here for the worksheet.

Are Basic Math Facts Worth Teaching?

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Math facts article stickerWhen I first heard about this article, I was amazed. What? Not teach kids to memorize basic math facts like the teacher did when I was a kid?! With the timed tests and everything?   This article, “Strategies for Basic-Facts Instruction” by Andrew M. Isaacs and William M. Carroll, is an excellent article that discusses what teachers really need to be focusing on when teaching math facts. What really makes learning math facts effective? The author argues that rote memorization is much less effective in teaching mathematics, and why a strategy-based approach should be used.  Isaacs and Carroll conclude that “a strategies-based approach {to teaching math facts} builds students’ understanding and confidence. De-emphasizing rote memorization encourages students to use their common sense in mathematics, thus supporting concept development.”

Click here to read the article: Strategies for Basic Facts Instruction Article

Thoughts on this article or on teaching math facts? Please comment below!

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Color By Number (simple addition & subtraction)

color by number add sub fish

Who doesn’t like to color? I mean really… there’s something calming about coloring. But why not exercise that brain while you color! Here’s a color by number with an addition/subtraction facts twist. Enjoy!

Here’s the free printable PDF: Add-sub color by number fish

Multiplication Dice Game: Landscape

Here’s an easy way to practice the most basic multiplication facts (totals to 6). Players roll the die, and color in a section of the picture that contains the equivalent. For example, if you roll 4, color in “2×2” or “4×1” or “1×4.” Enjoy!

multiplication dice game- landscape


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