Adjectives Review (3rd Grade)

This is a quick worksheet I have used with my third graders for a review of adjectives.  I use this as one of my quick reviews when my kids come in from lunch or special area classes to help them quickly focus and be ready for our next activity.  I put it on their desk before they come back in the classroom, so they know to quickly get to work.  I’ve put two copies on a page so you can use half the paper.

Click here to download the free PDF: Adjective review – Little Red Riding Hood


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Halloween Adjectives Worksheet

Hello everyone! I’ve finally figured out a way to add candy corn to a worksheet! (I do love me some candy corn in October!) Anyway, here’s a simple adjectives activity for your students. Have them come up with two adjectives about each Halloween noun, and then color the candy corn (built-in “fast finisher” for your speedy students). Have a great Halloween!

Click here for the free PDF: Halloween AdjectivesHalloween adjectives STICKER

Adjective Order Worksheet (Free!)

Adjective Order Worksheet STICKER

One of the standards in the Common Core is to “Order adjectives within sentences according to conventional patterns (e.g., a small red bag rather than a red small bag)” (4th Grade). So here’s my worksheet to help students practice ordering adjectives: Adjective Order Worksheet. I will be updating this worksheet when I have the time. For now, give your students a gold star if they find something that needs to be updated. 😀

Adjectives & Adverbs 2 (free worksheet)

adverbs adjectives 2 STICKER

Here’s another worksheet similar to the one I posted a few days ago. It is for practice or assessment when learning about adjectives and adverbs.

Click here for the free PDF grammar worksheet:
adverbs adjectives worksheet 2
adverbs adjectives worksheet 2 ANSWERS

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Adverbs & Adjectives Worksheet

Adverbs adjectives sticker

I recently needed a worksheet to assess students’ knowledge of adjectives vs. adverbs. So here’s a 20 question page to help you know if your grammar lesson worked or not! Enjoy!

Click here for the free printable PDF:
adverbs adjectives worksheet
adverbs adjectives worksheet ANSWERS

Parts of Speech: Thanksgiving Turkey

Turkey Parts of Speech sticker

Here’s a fun opportunity to discuss parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective)… all relating to turkeys! Your first, second and third graders will love this one. Click here for the free printable worksheet: Thanksgiving Parts of Speech

Adjectives Activity Collection

adjectives activityI love adjectives. They’re one of my favorite parts of language arts to teach. But you can’t spend forever on them (or on anything these days), so you’ve got to find an effective activity to teach adjectives without taking too much precious time (to prepare or do in class). Here’s one idea:

As a class, choose something to describe (cats are a good place to start). Discuss what cats look, smell, sound, taste and feel like. (Your kids will get a kick out of “what do cats taste like?”) Then choose a second thing to describe (we chose a hamburger). After discussing how adjectives describe something in a variety of ways, it’s time to let your students try one on their own.

This packet (Adjectives activity PDF) has a picture of something for kids to describe. Let them color in the picture so they can use color words in their description. Then students write down as many adjectives (look, taste, smell, sound, and feel) as they can about the picture. Then they use the blank lines to write sentences about the picture using the adjectives they brainstormed. I have my students circle the adjectives in the sentence. Sometimes I let a few students put their picture under the document camera and read one of their sentences to the class. There are multiple pages in the packet, so once you’ve done this activity as a whole group, you can use the rest as seat work activities to reinforce the concept.

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