Chinese New Year – Animal of the Year Graphic Organizer

I like using projects year after year. It makes my life easier. This is especially true with holiday projects. There are so many other things to do and update each year, that it’s impossible to keep up. My friend, who teaches kindergarten, recently shared this idea:

Dragons - Chinese New Year

In the spirit of working smarter (not harder), I created this graphic organizer to be used year after year, no matter what animal is the animal of the year for Chinese New Year! After talking about what Chinese New Year is, have the kids draw a picture of that year’s animal, and then write ideas about what that animal can do, has and is (see my friend’s example above). Chinese New Year - Animal of the Year

Click here to download the free PDF: Chinese New Year – Animal of the Year

Chinese New Year Craft: Paper Lanterns Tutorial

I love these paper lanterns. When we lived in China, there were lots of lanterns all over the place during Chinese New Year. They’re a great craft to make with kids. Here’s my tutorial on how to make them out of construction paper. Click on each image to enlarge the image.

Chinese New Year Craft: Spring Character

Chinese Spring Character Craft STICKER

The following Chinese new year craft was submitted by a fellow teacher who just did this craft with her second graders:

  1. Copy this page for each student (white paper).
  2. Color the back side of this paper different colors – so no white shows.
  3. Turn it over.
  4. Fold it in half.
  5. Cut on bold lines.
  6. Open it up and turn it over… It’s the Chinese character for “Spring”!
  7. Glue it on another piece of construction paper (optional).

Super easy and totally cute. Enjoy!

Click here to download the template: Chinese New Year- Spring Character Craft

Chinese New Year PowerPoint for Kids

Chinese New Year presentaiton STICKER

Each year, my good friend, Cortney, does a presentation for elementary school kids about Chinese New Year. She was nice enough to let me share this Chinese New Year PowerPoint presentation with you. It explains the basics of the holiday and has pictures to go with it.

Click here for the presentation: Chinese New Year 2014