Roll Dice, Write/Tally the Numbers

Another free printable is waiting for over at We Are Teachers! This one asks students to roll a die, then write and tally the numbers. Click here to see the printable.


Number - Roll, Write, Spell, Tally, Show PREVIEW

Roll-A-Word Spelling and Thesaurus Pages

I’ve always struggled with giving creative tasks to do with spelling words. So when I saw this idea, I just HAD to make one. Here’s the instruction sheets for use with both spelling lists and thesaurus work:

Spelling Roll A Word thesaurus roll a word

Here’s a sheet you can give the kids when you have them do this activity. They can draw in the tiny box to indicate what number they rolled and write the word they’re working on next to it before doing the activity in the bigger square. Roll a word blank sheet

I suppose you could modify this activity to help reinforce vocabulary words for a science, math or social studies unit.